Thursday, January 6, 2011

My new phone....

okay so i have wanted a smartphone for a long time. my husband being the practical type has talked me out of it for awhile. i told him that as a library professional i needed to be up to date with technology. students may be using their phones to access databases ect.
as of yesterday i am the proud owner of a smartphone. i am sending this post from my phone. i apologize but i cant seem to make the caps or alt key work so no punctuation for this post except for the period. okay i wanted to post a picture from my phone but i dont see that as an option. i will email the picture to myself and add it via my laptop. if anyone has an lg ally and knows why i cant use caps or alt with the qwerty keyboard while posting please let me know.
yeah for my attempts to tackle this phone.

Part two from my computer with capitalization and punctuation!  Okay, I know the picture isn't related to libraries or technology. It is just a picture of the new vinyl wall decals I put up in my dining room, and I took it from my phone and emailed it to myself!
Do you guys love to read customer reviews before you order something? I love, love, love the fact that I can check out what other people have to say about most things from books, DVDs, appliances or smartphones before I buy something. Here is the web page and reviews for the phone that I got:

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