Friday, January 14, 2011

Kid Friendly E-Readers? I'm In!

Okay, what are all over my home and car? What do I trip on in the morning? The answer: my kids' books. My kids have a lot of books. I mean a lot, a lot, a lot of books. They drag them all over the house, and kids books are the worst to try and fit on a shelf. They are all different sizes, shapes, and materials. Library books are a nightmare because they always get damaged.

We need to invent a kid-proof e-reader! Wouldn't that be perfect? No more books to pick up from under the dinning room table. No more worries about damaging library books. It would be the ideal baby shower gift. Libraries could stock up on e-books, and parents could just download them without a worry!

They make other kid-proof electronics like personal CD/DVD players and digital cameras--e-book readers couldn't be that hard to make for kids! Just make it water-proof, and drop-proof and your good to go!
Although they don't meet my standards of "kid friendly," here is a link to a website that reviews some of the kid friendly e-readers out there:
Will my grandkids be looking at e-readers?

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  1. What a fun Blog, Molly. I like the layout, images and colors!

    Cecilie (LIS-557)